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Workshop Group Photo


The group photoes taken before lunch are just uploaded. Just enjoy,

Satoshi (S), AIST


Led by Stacy Lindau (UChicago Medical Center), Kevin Patrick (UCSD/CalIT2), Brad Hesse (NIH/NCI)


A few of the #icis participants were discussing the sea of RF signals we live in daily. Stacy Lindau (UChicago Medical Center) forwarded this link to “Epidemiology of Health Effects of Radiofrequency Exposure” (2004)


Thanks to Dane Skow (Argonne), Marc Langheinrich (USI-Lugano), and Raj Sankaran (LSU/Argonne) we had a spirited set of discussions on organization and management of data streams, sharing and analysis, and privacy and security.

One highlight of the day is that Raj and Jordan Cramer (Olivet Nazarene Univ) were able to diagnose and correct the zigbee network issues, resulting in a working system. All of our wearable motes are now reporting sound and movement data to every 3 seconds. Today perhaps we will get location data…


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